Motsai Research

Innovation in Motion Analysis

About Motsai

Our team is constantly challenging the status quo and as we try new approaches and methods to solve motion analysis problems.  We see many design patterns emerge and we try to capture those in the form of electronic systems and algorithms.

This web store is our way to distribute some of those ideas in the form of modules that can be used to build experiments varying from specialized devices to integration in a more complex system.

Our offices are located in a quiet industrial park in the south shore of Montreal in Canada.  Our staff is multi-cultural and has a very diversified background.  This is what allows us to approach complex problems in multiple ways to find the best solutions.

Motsai has been operating and serving customers since 2010.  Our products and some of our design work with clients have international impact with the end products being used by top brands in smart clothing, sports and transportation.  We have contributed to many projects that have made significant impact on our clients growth and market reach.

This online store is a new stage in our business to extend the reach of some of our technologies and reach more customers directly to understand their challenges in integrating motion analysis.

If you are curious to know more about our team and capabilities, please visit our web site at