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Motsai has been at the forefront of tactile research with the Haptuator™

The original haptuator (haptic-actuator) was first invented by Dr. Hsin-Yun Yao in 2003 with Dr. Vincent Hayward at McGill University. The original Haptuator™ revolutionized the world of touch with its small size, high-bandwidth and great controllability.

Since then, the original design has been constantly improved at Motsai by Dr. Yao.

After years of improvements, the new Planar Haptuator™ starts a new era in portable haptic devices. It continues the tradition of innovation at Motsai by allowing our customers to develop new wearable devices and virtual reality accessories.

Haptography TED Talk

A concise and great TED talk about Haptics from Prof. Katherine Kuchenbecker using the Haptuator™ 14mm product.

In this fun, fascinating TED-Ed lesson, learn about the field of haptics, and how it could change everything from the way we shop online to how dentists learn the telltale feel of a cavity.