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Neblina™ V2 Development Kit

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The Neblina™ V2 is a new system-on-module solution for 9-axis motion sensing and sensor fusion.  It can also be augmented through the use of base boards to act as a sensor hub and support relaying information to Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy) devices.  It integrates a sophisticated battery power management and is immediately usable for new product development, validating markets and areas where wireless motion capture is interesting.  The ProMotion can also be used as a standalone miniature motion recorder for experimental research, posture analysis and many other similar uses.

This kit is designed to evaluate the Neblina™ core module from a hardware and integration perspective.  Product designers who wish to get a rapid path from idea to working prototype with a path to mass production can leverage this kit to kickstart the development process starting from a working system.

The development kit comprises of a Neblina™ module which includes USB connectivity for charge and wired data download. On-module memory allows the unit to record real-time motion activity for up to 5 hours even if a Bluetooth Smart device is not in the vicinity to collect the data or at high data rates that would exceed the radio capabilities. This development kit will let you quickly evaluate the module performance and suitability for your application and let you experiment with our patent-pending sensor fusion algorithms.

It comes with extensive ready-to-run demos and code samples for iOS, Android, and Desktop development (Python, C++).

Kit content:

  • 1x MR-NEB2C Neblina™
  • 1x Miniature Lithium-polymer battery 100 mAh
  • 1x MR-USB-A-UB-3 (3ft Micro USB cable) for charging

This kit does not include an enclosure.  Motsai provides 3D printed enclosures that fit common patterns such as smallest possible size or one with a watch-like form factor allowing it to be attached to the wrist or ankles for body motion tracking.

Visit the Motsai Documentation page for API information and technical details.

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